Ars Arthro Biotechnology Inc. was established as Turkey’s first private biotechnology laboratory in Ankara Bilkent Cyberpark in 2005 by technology transfer from Germany. Its main field of activity is biotechnology and tissue engineering, and it has a highly developed R&D laboratory. Apart from research and development, the company provides both R&D support and production especially to pharmaceutical and medical device companies. For this purpose, it continues its activities in this mission, based on the importance of training and employing qualified R&D personnel. The visionary core team, consisting of graduates of the best universities in Turkey, has been working together for many years and is constantly growing with the support of new University-Industry cooperation projects developed.

Ars Arthro Biotechnology has expanded its work, which it started at Bilkent University Cyberpark, into a comprehensive laboratory and production center, and then moved it to a larger area that meets TS EN ISO13485 requirements and complies with GMP conditions. The initial field of activity of Ars Arthro Biotechnology is tissue engineering (cartilage tissue, fibroblast filling material), designs of biomaterials and stem cell applications for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. In addition to these studies, it continues to work on the development and production of patented chronic wound care products. In particular, by evaluating Turkey’s rich ethnobotanical traditional knowledge, its field of activity has been expanded in the development and marketing of healthy and hygienic plant-based products, and it still continues its production activities with research studies.

The purpose of establishment of Ars Arthro Biotechnology is to produce new products as a result of research and development projects in the field of Biotechnology. The company continues its mission of developing these innovative products in a scientifically new format suitable for commercialization and realizing projects within the framework of University-Industry Cooperation. Ars Arthro has successfully completed various scientific projects supported by TÜBİTAK (Research and Scientific Council of Turkey), KOSGEB and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and has developed many new products.

It continues this mission with the same enthusiasm and determination as on the day it was founded, based on the needs and goals of our country in the light of science and technology.

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