Cookie Policy

In order to provide better service to the visitors on the website and within the framework of its legal obligation, the User will be able to record and process the site visit information, provided that it is not used outside the determined purposes and scope. These cookies are text files that contain small pieces of information that are loaded by the browser and stored on their computer, mobile phone or tablet. These cookies store the information collected through log files, empty “gif” files and/or third party sources to create a summary of User preferences, and for this purpose You can share it with third parties, in order to make special promotions, offer promotions and marketing offers to you, to improve the content of the said channels according to the User and/or to determine their preferences, through the said Website; We can monitor the user’s browsing information on these channels and/or your usage history on these channels. In addition, we may match the information collected from the User in different ways, such as information collected online and offline, or at different times, and use this information together with information from other sources, such as third parties.

Types of Cookies

on its website; It uses session cookies and persistent cookies. The session ID cookie expires when the User closes their browser. Persistent cookie remains on the hard disk of the User for a long time.

The user, by following the instructions given on the “help” page of internet browsers; You can remove persistent cookies and reject both session cookies and persistent cookies by visiting “” or “”. If the user refuses permanent cookies or session cookies, he may continue to use the Website, but may not be able to access all functions of the said channels or his access may be limited. You can send us any questions and requests regarding the subject via the e-mail address on the website.